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Tennessee monument, Andersonville

Camp Sumter, the Confederate prison camp at Andersonville, Georgia, was used from February 1864 to May 1865. Remembered as the Andersonville prison, it is the most infamous of the Civil War prisons. Nearly a hundred years ago the Tennessee Monument in the Andersonville Prison Park was dedicated on November 12, 1915.

Tennessee death certificates become public record after 50 years. The Tennessee death certificates for 1963, the most recent public records, are now available at the McClung Collection. Although both and have made death certificates available on their databases, the more recent certificates are only available on microfilm.

Come to the Bijou Theatre Saturday, August 16, 11:00–4:00 and enjoy screenings of documentaries featuring Sergeant Alvin C. York, The Heartland Series's Bill Landry, and Howard Armstong (Louie Bluie). The showings are presented by the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound, Louie Bluie Festival, and Knox County Public Library as part of the day-long festivities surrounding the East Tennessee Historical Society’s annual downtown history fair


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