Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound
Preserving the audio, video, and film history of East Tennessee

Arthur Q. SmithDating back to 1915, the moving image collection currently contains more than 5,000 reels and videotapes of home movies, documentaries, advertisements, industrial and training films, commercial films, television programming, and newsreels, all with local or regional connections. Its audio collection includes vintage radio programming, sound recordings, and oral histories and field recordings from the region, which date back to the 1930s.

Cas WalkerSome of the iconic programming preserved by TAMIS includes the early television shows of Cas Walker, 1982 World's Fair footage, and Jim Thompson's 1915 home movies of the Great Smoky Mountains, which helped spawn the National Park movement. TAMIS recently unearthed early unreleased demo recordings by a young Dolly Parton. For requests or information regarding TAMIS resources, please email TAMIS at tamis@knoxlib.org.

Moving image collection

  • Regional Home Movies, 1915–1987. Volume: Approximately 1500 reels
  • Documentaries with regional connections (TVA, Oak Ridge, etc.). Volume: Approximately 300 reels and videotapes
  • Local Advertisements, 1940s–1990s (Theatrical and Television). Volume: Approximately 200 reels
  • Sam Orleans Studio Collection, 1930s–1960s. Volume: Approximately 50 reels
  • Jim Thompson Collection (1915–1960s). Volume: Approximately 100 reels
  • Local Industrial and Training Films, 1930s–1970s. Volume: Approximately 150 reels
  • Commercial Films with local connection (Clarence Brown, Thunder Road, Mary Costa, etc.). Volume: Approximately 50 reels
  • Local Newsreels, 1930s–1960s. Volume: Approximately 25 reels
  • Local Television Programming, 1953–2000’s (WATE, WBIR, WTVK). Volume: Approximately 1000 reels and videotapes
  • Local Television newsfilm, 1956–1983 (WBIR, WATE). Approximately 1000 reels
  • Community Access Television (CTV), 1970s-1990s. Volume: Approximately 600 videotapes
  • East Tennessee Public Television, 1970s. Volume: Approximately 100 reels
  • Rare photographs and documents related to moving image and sound media in East Tennessee, 1920s–present. Volume: Thousands of items

Audio collection

  • Vintage East Tennessee Radio Programming, 1930s–1990s (WNOX, WBIR, WROL, WKGN, WIBK, WIVK, WLIL, etc.). Volume: Approximately 2000 discs and audiotapes
  • Regional Record Collection, early 1900s–present. Volume: Several thousand (mostly) rare records by local artists, 78, 45, 33 1/3 format
  • Hal Duncan / Cumberland Sound Collection, 1940s–2000s. Volume: Approximately 1000 audiotapes and record discs
  • Local Studio Master Tapes, 1950s–1980s. Volume: Approximately 1500 audiotapes
  • Unreleased Demonstration Recordings and Jam Sessions. Volume: Approximately 500 audiotapes
  • Oral Histories and Field Recordings, 1930s–present. Volume: Approximately 50 record discs and audiotapes