See & Hear Our History: Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound
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TAMIS is one of Knox County Public Library’s most prized collections, preserving the moments—large and small—that people chose to record on film, video, and audio: a Knoxville family sledding on a snowy day in 1941; a group of Fountain City teens dancing at a house party in 1937; football games at Knoxville College and UT; and one of the earliest known recordings of a young singer named Dolly Parton. 


With your help we can continue to preserve and honor these moments. 

TAMIS’s goal isn’t only to save our regional film, audio, and video recordings; it’s also to make them available to everyone. Your generous donation will help us develop new events, cultivate our collection, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to see and hear East Tennessee’s past.

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