Expert tutoring

Live tutors help elementary, middle and high school students complete homework and study for tests. Professional tutors are available online 3:00–10:00 daily via computer or mobile device, and each account may use five sessions per week during fall and spring semesters. This service is also available in Spanish. Start with a video overview and a practice session to learn how to use the service.

Connect with a tutor (powered by and use an interactive space with whiteboard, chat box and file sharing so that you can upload a photo of your assignment or textbook, or a paper you're writing. In your account, you can tag and reconnect to your favorite tutors, store your assignments and documents in your virtual locker and go back to review your previous sessions when studying.

The SkillsCenter offers subject quizzes and other self-study tools (such as The Princeton Review's preparation for AP, ACT, and SAT exams) that are always available and do not count against your weekly limit.

Student comments

"I really love this online tutoring. I have always needed a bit more help than others and have always felt shy about asking for help. Asking for help when everyone else around me seemed to have got it really made me feel stupid. Now with online tutoring, I don't feel stupid or needy. I know my grades are already going to be improving."

"AMAZING tutor; made me feel confident, helped take things at a pace not too slow or fast, and made things make TOTAL sense! :) "

"My tutor explained things very carefully but still let me work things out on my own when I was ready. Thank you for providing this service, it is such a blessing!"