You don't have to rely on just one fact checker. Here are some well-known fact-checking sites, so you can compare their analyses.

  • The Washington Post Fact Checker
  • FactCheck.org
  • PolitiFact.com
  • Not Real News
  • Television news archive – The Internet Archive's collection of news video includes some fact-checking. Search closed captions and view clips from 1,465,000 shows since 2009. Check for a phrase you think you’re hearing often, and find out if it's a talking point. An experimental public service Face-o-Matic recognizes the faces of President Donald Trump and congressional leaders on major news cable channels and can send alerts of their appearances to users of a Slack app, or you can download the data files.

These two sites help identify which Twitter accounts are "bots" (automated accounts), some of which engage in harrassment campaigns: