Join the teen plannerds

Does ambitious, studious, crafty, artsy, or stylish describe you? Then join our Teen Planner Meetup group on Thursday, November 15, 4-5pm at Halls Library. They meet every third Thursday of the month. Bring your planner, decorate it, create to-do-lists and socialize with other plannerds.

Keeping a planner is a great way to maintain your to-do lists, manage your time, and express your personal style. Go beyond a traditional daily planner to achieve specific goals. Use a financial planner to help you raise money for college, a fitness planner to stay on top of your training goals, or customize a bullet journal to achieve multiple goals. 

Not sure where to start? Ask staff member, Natalie, about planner type, how to use them and methods for adding artistic flair. Browse the collection of planners and crafting supplies donated by the Knoxville Plannerds at Scrappin' in the City. Most people like embellishing their planners with cute paperclips, stickers, and other decorations. Use the laminator and materials Natalie sets out at each session. Discard or swap supplies in the community De-stash Box. 

Try on these books for study and crafting tips.