Surviving your first virtual semester

This semester is unlike anything most teens have experienced. More students are feeling the push to take charge of their learning outcomes and become more independent. How can you be expected to stay motivated, meet your learning goals, stay safe from COVID-19 and stay sane? It's a lot to ask of anyone.

The library is here to support you while you navigate the virtual learning maze.

You can take's new Student Success Webinar series and get personalized help during the live Q&A at each session.

  • Time Management – 9/11, noon-1:00
  • Goal Setting & Decision Making – 9/18, noon-1:00
  • Study Skills- 9/25, noon-1:00
  • Stress Management – 10/2, noon-1:00
  • Critical Thinking & Research Skills – 10/9, noon-1:00

Plus, our reliable databases keep you research-focused and prepped for tests. If you need extra help, just ask a librarian.

Here are some tips provided by the National Institute of Mental Health and American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • Talk with your family and friends about safe ways to stay connected with each other. Discussing best practices for staying safe and setting boundaries together can help everyone get on board.
  • Find a mentor. Teens find it hard to take advice from parents after being quarantined with them for months. Teachers, school counselors, coaches, and other family members can make excellent sounding boards.
  • Establish a daily routine. Designate time for classes, leisure, physical activity and sleep. Choose a planner or an app to help you stay on top of your routine.
  • Find ways to give and get support. is a great place to connect with other teens positively impacting their communities and find scholarship opportunities.