Three cheers for our Sneak Peek Reviewers

Sneak Peek book club celebrated the accomplishments of our student reviewers with a holiday brunch at Bearden library on Saturday, December 1. Teens noshed on bagels, played mad-lib games, won door-prizes, and snagged freebies.

For the uninitiated, Sneak Peek book club is a free program for teens. We send members advanced readers' copies of up-and-coming titles and members submit reviews in exchange for free books. Registration, book requests and reviews are all submitted online. Not a member? Take 5 seconds to register and request your first book!  

  Wendy and I, as Sneak Peek coordinators, raffled off signed copies of popular teen titles and handed out awards. Award categories reflected the individuality of our reviewers. Here's a sample of the awards we recognized- 

  • Storyteller Award 
  • Pay It Forward Award  
  • All the Feels Award 
  • Tough Love Award 
  • Most Reviews By a Mile

 Sneak Peek teens read and reviewed over 100 titles since 2016. One member sent in 24 reviews in one year. We had such fun celebrating your accomplishments and meeting you in person. Keep up the good work, and get ready for next year's bash.