27 Hours by Tristina Wright

3 stars

Reviewed by Sydney.

I was skeptical of this book at first, because science fiction is not my favorite genre. Unfortunately, I was guilty of judging a book by its cover. Much to my surprise, it was actually fun to read.
While reading the book though, some of the characters' features weren't described the best. This made it confusing to read sometimes. Also the planet or moon they were on wasn't talked about at all. This didn't effect the story but, it was one of those things that I wondered about. One of my biggest pet peevs is grammatical errors. The word "nebula" was used so much in the whole book it was frustrating to read. The biggest drawback over all for me was the amount of action. Sometimes I zoned out during fight scenes, since it was just monotonous.
On the positive side, I liked reading from four different perspectives. It was just the right amount of views. The relationships of the friends were all different but interesting to see how they all worked. Everyone had issues but put it aside to help one another.
Overall, this book was different for me and not my preferred genre. The constant action in the story line became boring and predictable. However, the author exceptionally created a dynamic cast of characters. This story is a pure example of science fiction.