All About Mia by Lisa Williamson

2 stars

Reviewed by Natalya.

First off , I would say this is a book geared towards an older audience. It's isn't really an adult book but it is close. It deals with a lot of mature themes and it deals with them in an honest, gritty and straight forward way.
I found this book to be well written and realistic but, I still didn't enjoy it very much because of the subject matter. I also found some of the romance plain. The main character Mia is immature and whiny. She whines about her life being unfair and awful, when she really is doing a lot of that to herself. She also drinks in the story, even though she is only 17. I found that really weird. 
Over all I didn't enjoy the book. It was well written and it was realistic but, I felt like Mia isn't really a good role model or character. I would actually label this as an adult book instead of young adult.