All These Monsters by Amy Tintera

2 stars

Reviewed by Elexis.

"No one asked why I was so unfocused, or why I had so many absences, or why hitting other kids seemed like a good idea. So I fell further behind, and I never found a way to catch up. My teachers got used to disappointment. We all did."

Clara is ready to fight. Fight the scrabs, the monsters that the world's governments are trying to keep from rampaging through the city and laying waste to everything. So when an opportunity comes to light to get away from her abusive father and fight a different monster, she jumps at the chance. But fighting these monsters is not as easy as she had hoped. Clara hadn't planed for the sore muscles, exhaustion, and worst of all, death. But as Clara hones her battle skills, she starts to realize the scrabs might not be the biggest threat. The true monsters are the ones you least expect.

Having spent MONTHS trying to read this book, it could be safe to say that it was not that enjoyable. From the start of the book you have a lot of names tossed at you so you have to re-read and re-read just so you know whats going on. And the scenes are either very fast or very slow. It also be put as a warning on the book that it contains domestic violence and cursing. The age group should be changed from 14+ to at least 16.