And Then There Were Four by Nancy Werlin

1 star

Reviewed by Makenna.

This is, unfortunately, an explanation as to why I could not finish this book. I make it a rule to finish every book I start, but this was an exception. I only got a couple chapters in before I started laboring through it, and I gave up at 90 pages. The story had the potential to be interesting but it was written in a style that was confusing and annoying. Saralinda, one of the two point-of-view characters, narrates her segments in first person- which is fine. But her parts are also full of run-on sentences and streams of thought that make very little sense. The other POV character, Caleb, narrates as if he is an outside person talking to himself: "You think", "You say", etc. It is very confusing and it gets really aggravating. The story is not presented in a way that makes sense. 
Honestly, I hated to not finish it, but the book was really just not very good in my opinion.