Be Not Far From Me by Mindy McGinnis

2 stars

Reviewed by Sarah.

The main character is hard to like. Her only character trait is 'I'm not like other girls'. Ashley "Ass-kicker" Hawkins is supposed to be a woodsy outdoorsman, with knowledge of nature, yet she stupidly goes drinking, runs out into the woods, slices open her ankle, and bandages it only after she gets an infection. When she is lost in the woods, she is too proud to call for help or try hard enough to be found. Instead of sending smoke signals to signal the helicopters that are looking for her, she decides to break into a meth lab, get high, and saw off half her foot. Ashley is hard to tolerate, let alone like. I genuinely did not care if she lived or died at the end.

Mindy McGinnis is a very good writer, which is the only reason it doesn't have one star. She is descriptive without being overbearing. Her writing almost disguises the repetitive nature of the book.

It had several gory details about injuries and I'm very squeamish, so it was kind of hard to read. It was also more sexually explicit than I would normally choose to read. This book is probably better suited for someone who enjoys that.