The Black Kids by Christina Hammonds Reed

3 stars

Reviewed by Sharon.

I thought this book was... okay. Yes, it was a very interesting and timely when it comes to the things going on within our country right now with Black Lives Matter. However, what really turned me off was the amount of detail the author put in this book that in my personal opinion didn't really need; some of the things yes but others no. Because at one point I was able to skip a chapter or two and still know what's going on. That shouldn't be the case. Though I will give her credit for leaving as many sly cliffhangers that didn't get resolved which I love and it wants you wanting to know more( just without all the detail.) Plus everything in this book was realistic and I love that as well. But I do think since this is this authors first novel/ book she did a good job even with some of the complaints I have about it.