The Bone Queen by Alison Croggon

3 stars

Reviewed by Ashten.

First to begin, The Bone Queen was a very interesting fantasy novel. I didn't completely finish it due to being really busy and this book didn't spark my interest as most other books do. At the beginning the book was very detailed and explained the basic plot of the story, but would leave holes to fill in later which makes since for any book.Though, it was very hard to piece together some of the characters with their actual storyline. One problem might be because this book is a prequel to the series "Books of Pellinor" and the offical series might have needed to be read before reading the prequel to have more connections with the characters. So I still would suggest readers out there to read this book because it is a Tolkien-like traditional story line that features the basics of a good book. I would just suggest reading the original series then come back and read this prequel. And someday I will read this book and read the rest of the series just not at the moment, but still thankful to have received this book and review it for you all.