Calling My Name by Liara Tamani

3 stars

Reviewed by Suzi.

Calling My Name is a well-paced coming-of-age story that I liked well enough, but unfortunately did not have any strong feelings toward. At first, I could strongly relate to the main character, Taja, though, as the book progressed, I found that I could no longer connect to her, therefore making me apathetic to what she experienced or felt. It almost felt as if I was watching the events of this book through a screen, meaning, while I was mildly entertained, it carried no personal weight. Another issue I had was that the writing, though poetic and beautiful at times, almost became purple prose. Especially in the second half of the book, the metaphors were nearly overpowering.

However, there were things I really liked such as, as mentioned earlier, the pacing. The book covers a large period of Taja's life, beginning when she is around the age of eight and ending as she's about to go to college. At no point did it feel like the story was dragging, or like she had been a certain age for an unrealistic portion of the book. The story spends a longer time on more important events like the beginning of Taja's romantic relationships and breezes through less significant, yet still necessary moments. The pacing was definitely one of this book's strengths because it kept the entire thing from getting boring and falling apart.

Overall, I would recommend this to some people, and though it wasn't a favorite book for me, I can easily see it becoming a favorite for others.