The Darkest Star by Jennifer Armentrout

3 stars

Reviewed by Makenna.

I really enjoyed this book. The story was captivating, the setting both normal and supernatural. Armentrout takes Earth as we know it, with all the teenaged problems and regular interactions, and adds an alien race. Somehow, it all folds together quite well.

Armentrout's writing style is fun and the main character, Evie, feels like a real teenager with the way she responds to the situations in the story. Her thought processes and snappy comebacks are entertaining in a way that only a confused teenaged girl can be. The chemistry between Evie and Luc in the story is almost intoxicating, with a mystery about who Luc is and why he knows Evie when she very clearly does not know him. Their relationship is electric, tender, mysterious, and real. The main conflict of the story doesn't get going until later on, but the ending leaves you hanging and wanting the next book to come out as soon as possible.

There is some language, but it is rare, and not used flippantly. Evie and Luc kiss and come close to doing more, but the content is not heavy and is only found in one or two chapters. There is a homosexual relationship between semi-major characters but it is not explored in the book, only established as existent.

Overall, I really liked the book and I would recommend it, but due to some content, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone younger than 15.