Eight Days on Planet Earth by Cat Jordan

2 stars

Reviewed by Suzi.

Eight Days on Planet Earth is about a boy, Matty, who upon meeting a girl who claims to be an alien, is torn between his instincts and logic that say she must be lying about her identity, and his heart, which tells him to believe in what she claims she is, despite being unable to prove it.
I hate to say it, but this book was one of the worst I've ever read. It was only the ending that prevented me from giving this one star. In my opinion, the idea had great potential, but it was unfortunately lost under a (nearly) perpetually horny main character, dialogue consisting of phrases that most human beings would be embarrassed to speak aloud, and painful writing in general. My favorite aspect of this book, however, was the relationship between Matty and his father. I liked how the author chose to portray it in a way that demonstrated the humanness of parents and how, sometimes, they don't live up to the expectations you had as a child. Overall, this was a disappointing book with only a few redeeming qualities.