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Every Moment After by Joseph Moldover

Reviewed by Briana.

So I read the bio and it didn’t catch my eye very much. I went ahead and tried to read it. I only got in like 7 chapters. Only because I kept punching myself to read it. I didn’t find it interesting enough to continue. The book was based around a shooting that happened when the two main characters were in the 1st grade. They are now graduating high school. They are both still traumatized with it even though it happened ages ago. This book is basically them finding different ways to deal with the grief form what happened. I mean of course they had others thing going on, but they all mainly circled around the shooting. At first I also thought it would be a mystery like “Who shot up the school?” Sort if story, where them graduating decided it was time to figure out who did it. But no, they know who did. The guy was caught. It was absolved case. There was nothing to drag you in. I would really recommend this book to someone who enjoys stories that keep a steady plot, that doesn’t rise too much. I don’t think I’d try to read it again.