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The Evil Queen by Gena Showalter

4 stars

Reviewed by Camryn.

This book has to be one of my FAVORITE retelling of Snow White. I loved how the author used the fairy tale as a prophecy and twisted it in unexpected ways that left me mind-blown.

Once reading the prologue, you're left with curiosity and a feeling of how you MUST finish the book to find out what happens after the prologue. While reading it, you see the main character, Evelyn, battles between the good and evil inside her. You see her give people second chances even though she is hated by everyone simply because she is known as the "Evil Queen". The people punish her for actions she didn't commit and when she retaliates she is still punished! But there is also a cunning, feisty, side to Evelyn that reminds me of Aelin Galathynius from Throne of Glass.

The romance between Roth and Evelyn is heartbreaking. You see they're love falter but then how they fight for it back. The only thing I wished for was that the development of the romance was a little more drawn out- a little more gradual and smooth. Obviously that can't happen though because then it would consume the whole plot and all, but it's still a little wish I had.

This book takes you on an emotional journey and leaves your heart aching, eyes crying, and feelings conflicted. This has to be my favorite sneak peek book I've gotten so far and I have to say, I wished it was longer so I could enjoy the plot a little longer. The idea, plot, and pot execution was beautiful and left me spellbound.

Explicit wise (level of appropriateness): warning, there is a slight sex scene that's not too explicit and skips the whole sex part but is a little detailed leading up to it, so if you're uncomfortable with that I suggest you skip that part (it's at the end of chapter 41). Other than that a few kisses here and there and just a little bit of innuendos every now and then, there's nothing to worry about :)