Into That Forest by Louis Nowra

4 stars

Reviewed by Clara

As they finished their picnic Hannah's father noticed a storm and says to get on the boat that they took to get over quickly so they could beat the storm and get back home quickly. Of coarse, they weren't so lucky. They got knocked off their boat and sucked into a whirlpool with crashing waves and lightning overhead. Being pulled under water once again Hannah saw her mother tangled in a mess up branches struggling to reach the surface of the water to take a breath but there is nothing she could do. Finally Hannah got pulled onto shore by a tiger's mouth, exhausted, and coughing up water. When she awakes she finds Becky in the same condition and they both give each other hugs trying to comfort each other. When they turn away they are shocked to see a tiger sitting only a few yards away, watching them. Hannah says that the tiger is waiting for them, but Becky quickly scolds her and tells her to stay away from it. Undaunted Hannah starts following the tiger, giving Becky no choice but to follow her. The tiger leads them to it's cave and cares for them there. They soon meet the other tiger which also cares for them. Hannah and Becky go on many adventures with the two tigers and become more and more like them. When they are found, four years latter, (when Hannah is about ten and Becky is about eleven) and taken to civilization they have to learn to be humans again. Both tragic yet funny, wild but peaceful, this is a great book for everyone.

Even through it adds more charter it is truly annoying to have Hannah's grammar and spelling in the book. For example, in the first sentence it says: "Me name is Hannah O'Brien and I be seventy-six years old." The whole book is like this and by the end you almost get used to it which is terrible. I have no other complaints except for this. It is a great story with an interesting plot and well developed charters, but because of the misspellings and bad grammar it makes it harder to read. The book is only 153 pages and is really good. I would rate this book four out of five stars.