Four Weeks, Five People by Jennifer Yu

4 stars

Reviewed by Avery.

I thought that Four Weeks, Five People was a really good book. I enjoyed the storyline and found it intriguing. The book was about five teens, coming together for four weeks in the summer, to help overcome different mental disorders. It was told from the perspective of five different people, Clarissa, Andrew, Ben, Mason, and Stella, which I thought was interesting and unique. The different points of view let the reader see how each person interpreted different events that happened over the course of the story. Additionally, as each teen had a different disorder, the author showed how each disorder affected them personally. The teens slowly formed friendships with each other and grew closer the more time they spent together. I thought that the book did a good job developing each character and it even had some small bits of humor. The only thing I disliked was that some of the actions that the characters did felt a little forced, like they just did it to move the plot along. Overall, though, Four Weeks, Five People was a good read that I would recommend to people who enjoy seeing things in a different way.