Gunslinger Girl by Lindsay Ely

4 stars

Reviewed by Makenna.

A story that mashes the Old West with modern day, Gunslinger Girl is interesting, unique, and the kind of book you can't put down once you get into the thick of it. I really enjoyed it and read the majority of it in one day.

Serendipity "Pity" Jones runs away from home and finds herself in a lawless city, Cessation, which is run by a single woman and her establishment, Casimir. Here, Pity is put on stage, her sharp-shooting abilities earning her a place among the performers. But her freedom and her love for a boy she meets there may cost her, as she is entangled in a political fight that may turn deadly.

Filled with gunfights, betrayal, and romance, Gunslinger Girl does have some content that a reader should be advised of. Language is present, though not in excess. There is sexual content, which is not described in detail but is strongly alluded to. Also, violence is at the forefront and there are a lot of deaths and a significant amount of blood. The story is intense in all ways, which is what makes it enjoyable, but it is also important to know before reading Gunslinger Girl.

I don't advise this book for anyone younger than 15, and then only if they're mature readers. It is very well-written and very engaging, but the content is fairly strong.

This book comes out in January of 2018.