Hole in the Middle by Kendra Fortmeyer

1 star

Reviewed by Natalya.

I didn't really like this book. The writing was fine but my main issue was with the main character's "deformity". You can figure out her "deformity" from the title, she has a hole in her. Are there real physical abnormalities? Yes, but instead the author makes up her own. The author could have used a real abnormality and not something invented and that would make the story better, at least in my opinion.

She has a hole through her body and guess what, she meets a guy with a lump on his body that fits her hole. They, of course, have to get together because they "were made for each other", which to me almost seems like lazy writing. The story would have been better if they recognized the cliché and made the boy and girl friends.

Overall I would suggest not reading this book to anyone who asks me about it. If you want to read a wonderful book about physical abnormalities then read Wonder. That story has a illness that could happen to a person, this one does not, lets be real people, if you had a whole where your vital organs should be you would die.