Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco

Reviewed by Lorelei
Stalking Jack the Ripper set a high bar, but Hunting Prince Dracula did not disappoint. If you’re
a fan of Sherlock Holmes-style mysteries, I’d highly recommend you read this Victorian-era
series. Complete with a strong female lead and a witty, sarcastic love interest, this book has a
little bit of something for everyone.

A bunch of mysterious murders keep occurring around the old castle of Vlad the Impaler,
reminiscent of the romanian king’s style. Is it just a murder trying the replicate Vlad’s ways or
has Dracula risen from his grave?

As a bit of a history buff myself, I greatly appreciate the Maniscalco’s care for the historical
accuracy of her novels. Admittedly, not everything was quite on the dot, but I could tell that she
had done her research.

I finished this book already impatient for the sequel, and I think you will too.