I'm From Nowhere by Suzanne Meyers

4 stars

Reviewed by Faith

I had a wonderful time reading this book! When I first started I'm From Nowhere I have to admit that I didn't believe it could capture my attention the way it did, but I quickly realized that the beauty of this book is in the strong touch of reality Suzanne Myers gives to her characters. I found myself relating to Wren in a way I have never related to a character in any book before. Myers writes her as a realistic teenage girl who thinks, acts, and behaves just like she would if she was a real teenage girl in real life.

One of my favorite parts in this book is when it describes her as a person who has friends but not a best friend and who is generally liked but not at the center of attention. This made me relate to her on a personal level and allowed me to enjoy the rest of the book feeling more connected to the main character. She goes to boarding school but has trouble fitting in as everyone else had been together the year before and have already settled into their own groups of friends. She has a crush but it isn't love at first sight and she is constantly wondering and coming up with theories of who her father is as her mother has never told her.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and loved the characters most of all - Chazzy being my favorite. The ending was simple yet very fitting and I enjoyed watching the characters grow and change throught the chapters. I look forward to reading more of Suzanne Myers books in the future!