Legacy and the Queen by Annie Matthew and Kobe Bryant

1 star

Reviewed by Camryn.

I.... could not finish this book. This book was not an enjoyable read for me and I'm honestly kind of disappointed. When I read the back of the cover, I was a little skeptical and... not that interested. I decided to brave it out and read it just in case I was wrong. Unfortunately... I wasn't wrong... I made it a few chapters before I gave up. To me, it seems more like a middle school book than a teen book. I would honestly recommend 6th graders and up to read it. Of course I don't know how appropriate it is, seeing as I didn't finish it but from what I could gather in the first few chapters it seemed pretty clean (but don't completely trust me on that seeing as I didn't finish the book...). The only part I found interesting was the incorporation of magic and tennis. I felt that the idea itself was good but it wasn't executed right and the book was kind of boring.
I don't know, maybe you would like this book, but if you're a high schooler I strongly do not recommend it.