Let Me Hear a Rhyme by Tiffany D. Jackson

4 stars

Reviewed by Briana C.

I did enjoy the book. But it was a tad bit hard to understand. It had slang........ which I don’t understand. The plot was a bit confusing. It goes back and forth from present to some different point in time. I actually really did enjoy the triple point of view. I enjoyed how it’s sort of a mystery as to what happened to him and why. As we get into the story the past and the future start to meet. I also enjoyed how the characters are all the “same” yet really different as to personality. Also all the artist names that are fake in the book get a little confusing. I didn’t fully finish the book, I couldn’t get into it. I would recommend it to someone who enjoys mysterious setting in books where the past shows up in the future. I am also a big fan of romance. I really liked how the romance was included in this sad story. It was sort of like the happy ending for the characters who went through the sad thing were able to live happily even after it all happened.