The Lies They Tell by Gillian French

4 stars

Reviewed by Natalya.

I enjoyed reading this book. While mysteries and thrillers aren't my usual go-to types of genres, I liked this book which is a combination of both.
It was a well written and paced book. It was also excellent at making you think the story was going one way then quickly changing it in another direction, all while keeping a good plot.
The main character , Pearl, is a strong, tough and completely capable and is an interesting female character . She is well written and, even though I didn't love her whole cast of supporting characters, I did love her.
Overall, this is a solid book, good for several afternoons of thrilling and dramatic reading. There was some cussing and implied things of a sexual nature but nothing ever happens or is described. I just wanted to include that as a warning and I wouldn't read this book unless you are older than 14.