A List of Cages by Robin Roe

4 stars

Reviewed by Madelyn.

A List of Cages was not an easy book to read. Not in the sense that the writing style was hard to understand, or that it was confusing, but in the sense that it was dark, brutal and scary at times. It does a very good job of putting you in all the characters shoes, which is not a fun or easy place to be. I wasn't fully aware of how detailed and harsh some of the scenes would be going into this book and it's definitely something I'd warn future readers about. It addresses a very serious topic, one that we don't like to talk about, and it's something I try to avoid. But the author did a very good job at presenting this book for the age group it's aimed towards. While intense at some parts, it evened out at others as characters grew and changed just like real high schoolers do. I enjoyed reading about the relationships that all the characters (especially Charlie) formed with Julian over the course of the book. I highly recomend this book, as long as the reader is aware that it has intense themes inside and it can be hard to read at times.