Little Do We Know by Tamara Ireland Stone

4 stars

Reviewed by Jane.

This book had a few elements that were disturbing. The storyline is that two unique girls had a great friendship until something broke them apart and the details come out about that something as the book progresses. It started off well and with the chapters switching back in forth between the two girls. One of them, Hannah, goes to a Christan high school and her father is a leader there. That side of the book is pretty interesting as she explores different religions and learns and accepts things about herself. The other one, Emory, has a more dramatic life. She and her boyfriend have a good relationship, but its obvious they've had sex on many occasions. There is even one scene where they do it, though the focus is more on emotions. There is also a remembrance of a sexual assault which is upsetting. Aside from these scenes, the focus is on how Emory grows in maturity, understanding, and acceptance. This book is written well, but because of the mature themes and content I think it should be geared towards more appropriate audiences fifteen or sixteen and up.