Love Songs and Other Lies by Jessica Pennington

1 star

Reviewed by Suzi.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete this book. It was unoriginal, humiliatingly cheesy, cliche, and not worth my time. The idea of a battling band tour/reality tv show seemed promising, but it wasn't enough to keep my interest. Cam, the male lead, falls in love with the female lead, Vee, the very first time he hears her voice. Not only is it an unrealistic case of insta-love, it's a stalkerish situation as well. He's eavesdropping on Vee's conversation with her grandmother at a nursing home, and this scene is every bit as painful as it seems. Throughout the book, there are scenes similar to this one, where it seems as if the author was attempting romance, but failed drastically. The book is written in dual first person, alternating between the past and present. Having a window into the present while also watching the past unfold was actually something I enjoyed. I think that was the best and only original thing about this book. However, the characters were awful to read. Cam is supposed to be troubled and mysterious, but the writing just made his character seem cheesy. This was the same with Vee. In fact, there were multiple sentences that I had to refrain myself from rolling my eyes at. On that similar page, there was an unnecessary almost-love triangle, which I despised. Vee's friendships were another thing I deeply disliked, if I go as far to call them friendships. In all honestly, her "friends" didn't seem like friends, just people who she hung out with. This was especially the case whenever she was around Cam. Vee would always compare her best friends, Logan and Anders, to Cam, and make them seem as if they were somehow less than Cam, and that, of course, is not what a good friend ship is. Overall, the adjective I would use to describe this book is "annoying." I highly disliked it and would recommend it to very few people.

Love Songs and Other Lies comes out in April 2018.