Maiden Voyage: a Titanic Story by Sarah Jane

5 stars

Reviewed by Anna.

Maiden Voyage is told from three girls' perspectives who later find that they are all connected to each other through their travels on the Titanic. Lucy was born into a wealthy family with a kind mother who supports her and an unloving father. Lucy is hoping this week-long journey to New York on the Titanic will bring her family together. Isabella is shocked when her parents take her to board the Titanic. Her mother wrote Isabella a letter to open the day before she arrives in New York. Isabella can't stand having all of these questions about why her parents sent her on the Titanic, so she opens the letter and finds herself with more questions than before. Abby is heartbroken after both of her parents have died. All she has now is her younger brother, Felix, who she sneaks on to the Titanic. Abby is hoping that no one will find her brother so that they can have a better life in New York.

The author, Sarah Jane, writes this book with beautiful imagery of the Titanic's details. Maiden Voyage has a lot of suspense and it intrigued me a lot. It is the kind of book that you won't want to put down. This book did have some violence showed by Lucy's father as he is mostly verbally abusive, but also physically abusive.