Once Upon A Dream: A Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell

4 stars

Reviewed by Faith.

I very much enjoyed this! When I first started reading I wasn't quite sure how to feel about it. I liked the cover of the book and it started out well enough but it just seemed boring and unoriginal. As I got farther into the book however, a surprising twist straightened everything out and made the plot far more interesting. Prince Phillip comes onto the scene not long after this twist and charms and delights readers with his boyish charm and sweet, caring nature. 

Readers will also find Aurora Rose to be calm and kind. She deals with everything going on around her with little emotion and pretty much just rolls with the punches. She is intelligent and can usually figure a way out of a bad situation given a little time. I found Rose to be an interesting and overall enjoyable main character who doesn't overreact all the time like you would expect a princess to do, which is refreshing. Definitely loved reading this and would recommend to anyone who loves fairy-tales and wants a good story to read!

Coming soon to a library near you! Keep up with the series in the meanwhile.