The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr

3 stars

Reviewed by Suzi.

In The One Memory of Flora Banks, our main character, Flora, has a type of amnesia that prevents her from keeping things in her head for more than a couple of hours. That is, until she kisses her best and only friend's boyfriend on a beach. The memory sticks and she becomes convinced that the kiss, and along with that, the boy, has made her remember and that he can fix her memory. A series of events allows her to then travel to the Arctic, where Drake, the boy she kissed, has moved to for university.
I thought that this book deserved something around a 3.3 out of 5 stars. I wasn't really that involved in the story until the end, but when I was involved, I found that I really enjoyed the story. However, there are wonderful examples of imagery scattered throughout the book. The author just paints, with words, vivid pictures of the setting sometimes. I also loved the beautiful brother-sister relationship between Flora and Jacob. Though it wasn't heavily featured until the latter part of the book, I personally thought Flora and Jacob's relationship was perfect and moving on all levels. There were also very valuable and thoughtful themes about independence, love, and personal strength (among many other things) revealed in the story. Unfortunately, the tone of the book felt so emotionless. I can understand why it was that way, but knowing why did not, in any way, cause me to enjoy it. The tone, I think, was majorly what prevented me from liking this book more.