Orphan Monster Spy by Matt Killeen

4 stars

Reviewed by Makenna.

The review on the front of the book itself describes it as "...deeply disturbing and chillingly good", and I have to agree.

Set in World War II, the novel is about a young Jewish girl who, born of an Aryan man's illegal fraternization with a Jewish actress, is blond-haired and blue-eyed. Following the death of her mother, Sarah is found by a man she comes to know as Captain Floyd, who recognizes her unique talents and utilizes them by sending Sarah to a vicious Nazi boarding school for girls. The mission? To find out about a Nazi plot to build the first nuclear bomb.

The story is well-written and interesting. I think there was language, but those particular words are in German, so I'm not entirely sure. Violence was frequent and heavy, with Sarah being attacked, beaten, and giving back some vicious blows in return. Blood flows and the darkness of the Nazi regime comes to prevalence. Parts of the book are very disturbing, but one can't help but be sucked into the raw reality of Sarah's mission in the darkness of the Reich.

Near the end, there is an extremely unsettling case of sexual predation, but nothing ends up happening. Young readers should be advised. I don't recommend the book for anyone younger than 14 solely because of how violent it is, but the story is excellent and well-written. I really enjoyed it.