Queen's Shadow by E.K. Johnston

5 stars

Reviewed by Charis G.

Queen's Shadow by E. K. Johnston is a very adventurous book which certainly captivated my interest. It is a Star Wars short story (or novel if you prefer, since it is 346 pages), so it includes many of the characters that we have heard of and seen in the movies. The queen in question here is Padme Amidala, also known as Padme Naberrie. The book deals with her change from being the queen of Naboo to representing her home-world in the senate on Coruscant. It is exceedingly well written and enjoyable. Giving an insiders view of Padme's reign and explaining why she acts the way she does, there is never a dull moment. This book also gives insight into Padme's mysterious handmaidens, explaining who they are, what they do, and how they were chosen. I would heartily recommend this book, because if you enjoyed the Star Wars movies, and even if you didn't but are at least familiar with the characters, this is a book for you which is sure to give background information and new details. All that to say, there is no background recap or brief explanation for those of us who have not seen the movies. The story relies heavily on readers at least knowing the general gist of who Padme is and what she does. The book also refers to situations described in the movies. There are some supporting characters from the movies who are also included as well. This book would be very confusing if you had not seen the movies or at least read a brief synopsis of A Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. Of course, if you wanted to see where the story ends up, you would have to read even more synopses. So, if you have seen the movies or at least understand the general gist, I would highly recommend this book. Otherwise, unless you are very determined or enjoy being befuddled in the midst of books, I would suggest something else. This book was very enjoyable and I hope you will find it just as enticing as I did.