The Secret Language of Sisters by Luanne Rice

5 stars

Reviewed by Faith

This story is a sad, tear jerking, heartbreaking, emotional roller coaster ride and I loved it!

Roo and Tilly are two sisters closer to each other than anyone else in the world. When Roo gets into a car accident while texting that leaves her paralyzed and locked inside of her body, awake but unable to move or talk, she is assumed to be in a coma and must deal with being alone and treated as if she is not really there by both nurses and her family alike.

Tilly, who was the one texting Roo at the time of the crash, must deal with her guilt and sorrow at being the one to cause her sister's accident.

Thrown into a world very different from what they had both envisioned their futures to be, Tilly and Roo must struggle with the horror of unexpected circumstances and the difficulty of growing themselves into people who can learn to live with the consequences of their actions and face their mistakes.

I loved watching both Tilly and Roo struggle with their challenges and first drift apart, only to finally understand the secret language of sisters and come back together again stronger than ever!

This book taught me a lot of lessons that I needed to learn and I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone that loves a good story!