Shadow Magic by Joshua Khan

5 stars

Reviewed by Zach

This is an excellent story!

An interesting read with characters you will fall in love with and a story that pulls you in. I've got to say that my favorite character is definintely Hades, the giant bat, but Lillith and Thorn are definitely close runner ups.

In this beautiful fantasy land, it is one of the most unlikely things in the world for Lillith, the heir of Gehenna, and Thorn, a boy from the north, to meet but they do.

When Thorn is sold to the executioner Tyburn and taken to the Kingdom of Darkness, he and Lillith are thrown into the mystery of who killed her parents and together unravel many secrets along the way, about themselves and others.

And of course... there's a touch of magic as well. :) Would definitely recommend this book! Had an awesome time reading it!