Someone Else's Summer

5 stars

Reviewed by Lilly.

FATE. It is the one word that describes this book. It is a must-read page turner. It was fate for me to read this book, and while reading this book it is almost like you have known the characters for years. It is a book of lust, romance, and adventure. It was hard to finish a chapter because you would want to read it over and over again. You think that there is no way the next chapter is going to be better than the last, but of course it is! The characters are always living in the moment. They breathe in a new take on life, and I couldn't help it but i started breathing that same air.
Storm, the older sister that passes, is idolized by her little sister Anna. Storm was different and beautiful, very outgoing. She was the kind of person everyone loves but is so rare to find. Anna is such a strong person, anyone would be lucky to be half the person those two girls are. Cameron plays the great guy. He is the rare guy who believes in love and magic. That love is magic. This is a beautiful heart warming story. You should read and breathe in the fresh air.