The Stars Beneath Our Feet by David Barclay Moore

2 stars

Reviewed by Sydney.

This story depicts the harsh realities of one boy's life. It is difficult to place this book in a genre. This book was not a very enjoyable read. I found many of the chapters boring because they simply described his daily life. As potentially exciting parts occurred, the narrative tone expressed boredom. Since the tone was overbearing the reader could not enjoy the plot of the novel. The story line felt bleak and dreary. 
There were too many characters. Many people were named off even though they weren't apart of the story. By the end, all of the names were jumbled up and I lost track of who is who.
The author was able to beautifully create a connection between the reader and the main character. His point of view was communicated clearly and easily understood.
Overall this book was okay. It was not a favorite of mine.