The Testing By Joelle Charbonneau

The Testing

Reviewed by Camryn

Cia arrives at the Testing facility in Tusa ready to pass every test given to her. Soon she realizes that the Testers don't merely pick 20 of the 108 chosen for the Testing, they kill those deemed unworthy of University. Cia must fight to survive alongside Tomas, a boy also chosen from Five Lakes. Also at stake is their very memory, after the Test is complete, if Cia survives, her memory of the Tests, and everything and everyone she faced, will be wiped.

Cia is a highly intelligent main character, and a very strong woman. She faces difficult decisions throughout the book, and takes it as best as she can. Cia is far too determined to see the best of people, and believe that they must be truly good. My favorite trait is how human she is, she values and respects life.

Tomas is better with facts memorized out of books than Cia, but Cia is far better with common sense and reasoning. He is very protective of Cia, and less likely to assume the best from people than her, making him see who people really are faster.

I think this is a three and a half star book. I'm only giving it three stars because I think it draws a lot from other post-apocalyptic books, but the author does a wonderful job of making it very unique. The plot picks up fast and well, but the Author doesn't explain key points until farther into the book, namely what the Seven Stages War was, and why the world collapsed. I found it a very engrossing and addictive read, and would certainly recommend it for fans of this Genre.