The Thickety by J.A. White

5 stars

Reviewed by Savannah

The Thickety: A Path Begins is about a girl named Kara Westfall. When she was six years old, her mother was convicted of witchcraft and brutally murdered by her fellow townspeople. Years later, Kara and her brother Taff are shunned by their community, and their town is caught up in fighting off the evil of the Thickety, the wooded area surrounding them that is believed to house dark magic. Kara begins to dabble in magic, quickly realizing that her powers are strong, and that her mother is still teaching her many things. Kara hopes to use her powers to bring back her family name, heal her sick brother and combat the ever present call of dark magic that surrounds them.

I found this book refreshing. The story, while long, all falls together in perfect harmony, each detail balancing on top of the last. All of the characters are detailed, and you often sympathize with Kara through her plight to balance everything she has learned with everything she truly believes. I would recommend this book to mature readers, as the story and the characters demand the highest amount of attention in order to follow the book cohesively. I loved this book and cannot wait to read the rest of them!