Trusting You& Other Lies by Nicole Williams

1 star

Reviewed by Natalya.

I am not really a fan of romance , but when I got this book I thought I would give it a try. It wasn't as good as I had hoped. The plot is decent , but the romance moves way to fast . 
One thing about the story I didn't like at all was the way this girl treats her family. When the story starts she and her family are going to a family camp , during a time of tension and trouble for them. The main character, Phoenix, basically ignores her parents and acts as if she has the most problems in her family. Now to be fair, she does have a lot of troubles, but she ignores the fact that everyone else does too.
Now to the romance. It is too rushed and in the book, rather too much making out. To me, the romance doesn't seem true to life.
In the end if you enjoy a quick read, full of false romance and some making out, this book may entertain you. If you, however, prefer a plot with more then just family tension and romance this book will either bore you or be to emberassing to read.