Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan

4 stars

Reviewed by Makenna.

Wicked Saints is a tale of war, magic, twisted romance, and monsters. But who are the monsters? Perhaps it's not as obvious as it appears.
Set in the fictional nations of Kalyazin and Tranavia, the book follows Nadya, a Kalyazi cleric who gets her magic from the gods, and Serefin, the Tranavian prince whose magic is unlocked by his own blood. There's a lot of blood in the story, as Tranavian magic requires it, and some of the scenes of violence are rather disturbing. Serefin is a drunk, and there are brief scenes of kissing that doesn't go far. Otherwise, content isn't too bad.
Religious readers may object to the polytheism of the book. I myself am very religious, but I did enjoy the book to some extent. It was confusing at times and by the end I wasn't sure who I was supposed to like. But it was well written and not a bad book at all.