Wild and Crooked by Leah Thomas

2 stars

Reviewed by Sydney.

This was a contemporary-murder mystery. The diversity in the characters arcs was used remarkably and uniquely. The protagonist was a sixteen year old boy with cerebral palsy, who's dad died before he was born. Every character has something hidden behind the curtains. This is a great portrayal of the reality in our society. Through the three main characters, readers can relate to the feeling of having to hide your true self and feelings from possible enemies. To prove this a character created a whole different personality to form to the stereotypical mold of a freshman girl. Eventually, after months of hiding she tears away the visage she created. While this was an amazing aspect of this novel, the mystery was unfair and cheated. Most people read a mystery to solve it themselves, that would be impossible in this story. The killer was not involved in the story and only introduced at the end. I was surprised, but also disappointed at the inability of practicing my detective skills. Another problem for me was how bored I was reading it. It took me approximately two and a half months to finish reading. Even though I am a busy person an interesting story is not a difficult task for me. The profanities were also very strong and frequent throughout the entirety of the book. If that bothers you I would not recommend reading this novel.