You Are The Everything by Karen Rivers

Reviewed by Leah.

The book was enjoyable for the few chapters I read, then I found myself to be reading on as if I were looking at the words but not processing them. Maybe it's me, but I got very bored with this book very easily. The main character's POV is very interesting, especially since it’s supposed to be your POV. I liked that aspect of the book, and I liked the metaphorical aspect of the writing as well. The one thing that turned me away from reading the whole book was the fact that the main character's entire mindset revolves around her crush, and not the “I wonder what he’s doing today?” Or “who is he hanging out with today?” kind of cutesy stuff. It got to a point where I was almost creeped out. Again, this might just be me and my very opinionated mind, but for me I can say that I did not enjoy this book. If you’re into easy to read teen fiction with romance and drama, this could be a book for you. Sadly it wasn’t for me.