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You'd Be Mine by Erin Hahn

4 stars

Reviewed by Camryn.

In my opinion, this was a beautiful novel. This book is about two country singers- one famous one and another born of two famous country singers trying to make her way to being famous. Although I'm not that big of a country fan, the book made me come to like country. The lyrics in the book that the author made, are so authentic... I almost wanna the hear the songs in real life. The romantic element was also pretty good. It showed that love isn't always perfect, and isn't as cloud 9 that is depicted in most books. This book shows the struggles of love and your inner demons and how to conquer them. It was better than most contemporaries that I've read... actually it reminds me a lot of the Heartbreaker series that Ali Novak writes except, a different music genre, different demons, and a new outlook to fame and celebrities. I'd definitely recommend this to you :)