Your One and Only by Adrianne Finlay

3 stars

Reviewed by Nia.

This book takes place after the Slow Plague has wiped out all the humans. Clones are left of an original group of humans. Over years the clones, or homo factus (man made), perfected their genes and have made eyes humans for a long time. Jack is the only human left. When their town (Vispera) is attacked all the clones suspect Jack. Although all the clones look the same, Althea-310 thinks she is different from her sisters. Althea-310 and Jack must figure out what’s going on and stop the threat or Vispera will be destroyed. This book contains cussing and some explicit content. I really liked seeing the plot unfold and see how the main characters develop through the book. It was confusing at first with all the clones’ names and numbers. It was nice that the story was told through Jack’s and Althea-310’s perspective. I just didn’t like the content.

Your One and Only will be released February 2018.