Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld

4 stars

Reviewed by Alyssa

The story Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld is about a group of kids who have superpowers. In the story, they have the power to control crowds, crash electronic devices, manipulate minds, see from the perspective of other people's eyes, "disappear", and say whatever they need to say to get out of a situation. Throughout the story, this tag tag group of kids become a group and call themselves Zeroes. They go on missions together and use their powers for good and sometimes evil all while trying to figure out how they can fit into the regular world with regular people. I recommend this to anyone who likes sci-fi fantasy type of books. Even though this isn't your regular kind of sci-fi books, I think younger readers would enjoy reading it, or those of us who want to relive of our days of believing we may too have superpowers.